Video Update

News & Updates: Updated the video to a new HQ version & altered some of the characters appearance.

Q:What happens to my money if the project fails?
A:If we don’t achieve our base goal of 60k, we’ll most likely contact all supporters and discuss options. The mosty likely option is to take the engine, the content and build a much simpler game that can better fit into the support funds. An other option is to rebuild a new demo and pitch again as game variation or a new one (and maintain your support level). You will be part of this process.

Q: Will this be okay for “insert age group”
A: If you are comfortable with “The Spice Girls” you will be comfortable with this game.

Q: Can I get a refund?
A: Absolutely. As soon as the project expires anyone who wants a refund can get one no questions asked!

Q: Is this how the game will look?
A: Video content is not final! We are very interested in working with supporters for the final look!

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