It added 6 canada goose outlet uk new acts but atlas Canada

Exalt Prices Still Dropping

98 to 57k could mean you canada goose coats on sale lose 41k vets and all thats left are noobies who wouldnt care if it canada goose factory outlet was breach or harbinger and canada goose outlet uk sale keep playing because they havent beaten story mode yet.My argument for this is that 3.0 didn change anything about end game. It added 6 canada goose outlet uk new acts but atlas Canada Goose sale and maps are canada goose jackets essentially exactly the same. cheap canada goose uk In fact, the cool boss fights from the new acts haven even canada goose clearance made their way to maps yet.The only difference really is the builds that are available (of which there probably less variety as well) and the league mechanic. Outside of ED/Aurabot, ES is fairly ignored. Pick a life based build that can ideally use barrage, cyclone, dark pact (with a few variations here and there). canada goose uk shop Harbinger (even post buff) is also significantly weaker for player retention canada goose outlet haydar-furniture online than legacy/breach were IMO.For new players though, the people who have canada goose outlet store uk never experienced cheap Canada Goose filling their atlas, who have never experienced the end game. The people who just started playing in 3.0, they more likely to be playing because they haven “finished everything” like a lot of the people who canada goose outlet nyc already had this experience in breach/legacy.A lot of my friends who Canada Goose Jackets would normally put 1k hours in have already quit the league, someI canada goose outlet sale really hope next expansion shores up the end game because this is the fastest I seen friends give up canada goose uk black friday on the league.I tried canada goose outlet canada an SRS build this league (because ravens!) but I couldn make it work to satisfaction. The skill seems to do very badly with “swarming” content like breaches and harbingers.Decoy Totem is briefly helpful but is fairly swiftly killed. Plus, taunted monsters end up immune to taunt for a bit regardless.All nearby mobs target you immediately after canada goose jacket outlet the totem is down.Your spirits are off doing canada goose outlet black friday their own thing they coded to spread out and target the nearby area at large and do not canada goose factory sale give one fuck if you in trouble.You are overwhelmed and either have to run away canada goose outlet shop or get canada goose outlet reviews killed because you can leech and your goose outlet canada flasks aren Canada Goose Coats On Sale infinite.I never felt “safe” with the build even T5 breaches were deadly and so the build didn feel good. canada goose outlet jackets Harbinger packs are potentially worse in that they Canada Goose Outlet don official canada goose outlet canada goose leave corpses, so you have to take canada goose outlet time to canada goose coats Desecrate them yourself if there are none nearby.How do you make Canada Goose Online SRS feel good and capable of tackling “swarming” content?I had a uk canada goose outlet “brilliant” idea to use Lycosidae and Necromantic Aegis to solve that accuracy problem. Then I used the Covenant to get an extra support gem and “free” casting via Blood Magic. Path of Building said it was actually more DPS than the Baron staff build I had on hand.The canada goose outlet new york city DPS seemed fine in practice, as far as I could tell, but it was the mechanics of the spirits themselves both how they target whomstever they want and also how mobs can target them that let me buy canada goose jacket down. Every pack canada goose store of fast or swarming mobs was a race condition: Could the spirits Canada Goose Parka target and take uk canada goose down the right mobs before they destroyed me?The answer was largely no. Basic map clearing? Very quick and easy just stay behind a handful of canada goose outlet canadian goose jacket toronto factory spirits and cast more when they start canada goose clearance sale fighting shit. But breaches and harbingers were such a difficulty spike and/or spirit effectiveness drop that it was disheartening.He got insane gear now, but was easily clearing endgame and doing Shaper with a few ex in gear. It not cheap, but no build comfortable does Shaper/endgame on a 1 canada goose black friday sale 2 ex budget.Usually if something is wrong with the build, there an issue with your setup. Like others said, post up a PoB pastebin and we take a look. I not the best with SRS, but I canada goose outlet parka know a few other people already offered help.My friend iHuy was going insanely fast through T11s with me, just playing around, and that was canada goose black friday sale before he got the crazy canada goose outlet store like 21/20 all gems and 1 Canada Goose online chest.Spirit DPS without checking any canada goose outlet online uk boxes is 11.1k. That 222k DPS put out into the field under duress, and yet it amounts for seemingly canada goose uk outlet nothing in a breach given that everything on the screen instantly targets my character the moment the Decoy Totem is down.Supply and demand. You demanded that ring. You payed for it. That what defines value. You can say it artificially inflated, but it not as if market manipulation of that scale buy canada goose jacket cheap is actually possible, and that means it purely a matter of people asking for canada goose outlet in usa what people will pay.

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