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facebook dialogPinterestAnyone whos been sucked KnockOff Handbags into Bravos The Millionaire Matchmaker is familiar with the particular charms of its Los Angeles-based star, Patti Stanger. The founder of the Millionaires Club, a Replica Bags dating service and charm school for the uber-wealthy, manages to be both nasty and genuinely sweet to her unlucky-in-love Fake Designer Bags charges and their prospective Designer Fake Bags sweethearts. So when my boss got an email inviting her to a casting call for wholesale replica designer handbags the upcoming season, to be shot in New York City, I, her reality TV-obsessed intern, was given the task Replica Designer Handbags of attending. And whats replica handbags china more, I agreed to enter my aaa replica designer handbags single self Replica Handbags into the pool of hopefuls Designer Replica Bags for the event, despite never having cheap replica handbags Designer Replica Handbags been set up on a blind date, let alone one that might take place on film.facebook dialogPinterestUpon entering the Marcel Hotel, I was escorted to the Polar Lounge, which resembled the gender-divided dance floor at a middle school social. Miniskirt-clad twenty- and Replica Bags Wholesale thirty something women eagerly filled out forms, while the guys (mostly actor types) clung tight to the bar. I high quality replica handbags started by Fake Handbags filling out the 26-page application. How did I find dating in New York? Fast paced and non-committal. What was my last boyfriends biggest fault? His Napoleonic complex. Who would my dream millionaire be? A New York Yankee. What was I hoping for out of this? Who knows?facebook dialogPinterestEventually I was led into a private room to chat with casting director Vinnie Potestivo, who insisted that viewers will be introduced to a different type of dater in New York, someone more career replica Purse driven, sophisticated and fashion-focused. And the men wont be slobs, he added, taking a dig at the Los Angeles lot. Quickly, talk turned to my own dating preferences. I got the feeling that Potestivo had already picked out my dream millionaire and was just waiting for me to say yes. Would I date someone who was not Catholic? Would 510 be a suitable height for a date? Would I be attracted to someone who worked purse replica handbags in fashion? Yes, yes and Wholesale Replica Bags yes. As I posed for a photo and gave Potestivo my contact information, the spirit of the Handbags Replica event took over and I couldnt help but feel a little hopeful, excited even. Now all I have to do is get ready for my close-up.Lauren MayerPhotos courtesy

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